Grants for Air Source Heat Pumps

You may be eligible for a Government grant towards an air source heat pump for your home.

Air Source Heat Pump

An air source heat pump transfers heat from the outside air into water which heats the rooms in your house through radiators or underfloor heating. It can also heat water stored in a hot water cylinder for your hot taps, showers and baths. Heat pumps are suitable for almost all homes and are a great way of reducing your energy bills. South Rings Energy Ltd can help you to secure a heat pump boiler grant. We are working hard to allocate government heat pump grants to customers to reduce fuel poverty and cut carbon emissions in the UK

As part of the government Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme, if you are a homeowner and receive a qualifying benefit you may be entitled to an air source heat pump grant. 

Do you receive one of the following benefits?

If you receive one of these benefits you may qualify for an air source heat pump grant or other energy efficiency measure for your home.

The home improvement grants are generated by the government and funded by UK energy companies and don’t need to be repaid. Even if you are a landlord or a tenant you may still be eligible for a government heat pump grant, so don’t delay.


An air source heat pump will work most effectively in a home that warms up quickly and is able to keep the heat in, a house that can maintain a warm temperature once it has been reached. If your home isn’t already energy efficient then it may mean that insulation may be a priority. Contact South Rings Energy Ltd today to see what energy efficiency measures would best suit your home.  

Yes, a heat pump will still work to generate heat in any kind of weather, even when it is freezing outside.

A standard heat pump doesn’t provide hot water on demand like a combi boiler, so you will need a way of storing hot water for when you need it. This would usually be in the form of a standard-size hot water cylinder.

Contact us at South Rings Energy Ltd today and one of our friendly team members will guide you through the process. We may ask you some simple questions about the heating and insulation in your home. Based on your suitability, we will then arrange to visit your home to assess what energy efficiency measures would be best for you and confirm whether you would qualify for a heat pump grant.

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