First Time Central Heating Grants

You may be eligible for a Government grant towards your first time central heating system.

If your home has no central heating you may be able to you may be eligible for first time central heating funding (FTCH) in line with the ECO4 scheme.

Homeowners, tenants and landlords

Homeowners, tenants and landlords can apply for funding to make significant changes to their homes through the ECO4 scheme, including boiler replacement/upgrade, cavity wall and loft insulation, solid and internal wall insulation, room in roof insulation, solar panels and air source heat pumps.

Usually, we would replace old systems for a ‘greener’ equivalent, for example, if you’re currently using electric storage heaters you would more than likely be applying for newer versions of those along with perhaps a type of wall insulation too.

However, if your home can connect to a gas supply and has never had a central heating system, then you may be eligible for a first time central heating grant instead; this would provide a more energy-efficient solution than Electric Storage Heaters (in most cases). 

If you are a homeowner, landlord or tenant without modern central heating then you can apply for first time central heating funding towards the installation of a system to suit your property.  


You may be eligible if …

  • you live in a house with no history of central heating
  • you are a homeowner, landlord or a private tenant
  • you (or your tenant) receive a qualifying benefit

In some cases, customers may be required to contribute a top-up amount to the cost of the project if the boiler grant is not enough to make the works completely free.

In short, no. The grant is not a loan but a government-backed scheme to provide financial assistance, you will not need to pay any of the grant back.

Your home must have either no heating at all or one of the following heating systems…

  • Electric room heaters, including direct-acting room heaters, fan heaters or inefficient electric storage heaters
  • Gas room heaters; including fixed mains gas room heaters
  • Gas fire with back boiler
  • Solid fossil fuel fire with back boiler
  • Mains gas warm air heating system
  • Electric underfloor or ceiling heating (not part of an electric boiler)
  • Bottled LPG room heating
  • Solid fossil fuel room heaters
  • Wood/biomass room heating
  • Oil room heaters

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South Rings Energy Ltd are here to help and will be happy to support your application for a first time central heating government grant. As well as helping you to access funding we also have a reliable team of fully accredited and gas safe registered engineers on hand to install your new energy efficient heating system.

There are so many ways in which we can help your energy efficiency rating, contact us today to see how we can help to keep your home warm