Home Insulation Grants

You may be eligible for a Government grant towards improving your home insulation.

The most effective way of preventing heat loss in your home is with insulation in the walls, the loft or the roof. Having a well-insulated home could save you hundreds of pounds per year.

ECO4 scheme

The ECO4 scheme is an ongoing scheme providing grants for home insulation that has been set up by the UK government in a bid to combat climate change. ECO stands for Energy Company Obligation and basically outlines strict targets from the government, placed on the largest fuel suppliers. This has resulted in the development of government insulation grants. 

Depending upon your home and your benefit status, this may mean that you could be entitled to a free insulation granttowards the cost of energy efficiency measures such as insulation to keep your home warm as part of the government insulation scheme.

Loft and Roof Insulation

When heat circulates it naturally rises, and in a home with inadequate insulation, around a quarter of the heat will inevitably be lost through the roof. Insulating your loft, attic or flat roof is a simple and effective way to save energy and reduce your heating bills, as it stops the heat generated inside your home, from escaping through the loft. A home insulation grant could provide insulation that will lower your fuel bills and work alongside your heating system to ensure your home is heated more efficiently.

Cavity Wall

The chances are that the external walls of your home are made of two layers with a gap, or cavity, between them. 

The gap running between the two walls means that air can pass through it lowering the temperature inside your home. With a Government home insulation grant we would be able to supply quality cavity wall insulation to fill that gap, keeping the warmth in, saving energy and helping to reduce your energy bills.

Solid Wall

Most homes built before 1920 have solid walls. Solid walls are no more energy-efficient than cavity walls and in fact are notoriously poor when it comes to retaining heat, typically allowing twice as much heat to escape walls with a cavity. 

South Rings Energy Ltd can help you to improve the look and feel of your walls, contact us today to find out which insulation is most suitable for your home and how we can help you save on your energy bills.

How do I apply?

Contact us at South Rings Energy Ltd today and one of our friendly team members will guide you through the process. We may ask you some simple questions about the heating and insulation in your home. Based on your suitability, we will then arrange to visit your home to assess what energy efficiency measures would be best for you and confirm whether you would qualify for a house insulation grant.

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