New Boiler Grants

You may be eligible for a Government grant towards a new boiler to make your home more energy efficient.

Homeowners, tenants and landlords

Our home should be a warm and cosy haven, and our heating system should be working hard to help to create a comfortable living space. However, as our boiler and heating system start to age they can become unpredictable and less efficient often leading to draughty houses that are difficult to keep warm. An old, unreliable boiler left unattended can create disruption in the home and also lead to some hefty repair and maintenance costs.

In fact, your old, inefficient boiler could also be adding hundreds of pounds onto your heating bills every year?  

According to the independent body, The Energy Savings Trust ‘heating and hot water accounts for over half of what you spend in a year on energy bills, so an efficient boiler makes a big difference.’

Boiler replacement scheme

At South Rings Energy Ltd we are committed to saving you money by installing the heating system that best suit your needs. 

We are working hard to allocate funding from the boiler replacement scheme to the right people, to drive down energy bills and reduce the carbon footprint. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme

As part of the government Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme, if you receive a qualifying benefit and your boiler has an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating of D, E, F, or G you may be entitled to an ECO boiler grant towards a brand new A-rated boiler and heating system. The free boiler grants are funded by the largest UK energy companies and don’t need to be repaid. 

ECO4 is the fourth phase of the government’s Energy Company Obligation (ECO) targets. It started on 1st April 2022 and will continue until 31st March 2026. 

ECO4 is the final phase of the scheme to provide funding to homeowners.

If you are considering applying for a new boiler grant for your home, don’t delay. Contact us today and one of our team members will guide you through the application process. Under the ECO4 government boiler scheme, as well as funding for a new boiler, many of our customers also qualify for free insulation. This can make your home a lot warmer, especially when fitted alongside a new, more efficient heating system.

Contact us today to see if you qualify for a council grant for home improvements.  


If you receive one of these benefits you may qualify for free energy efficiency measures for your home.


  • Child Tax Credit (CTC)
  • Housing Benefit
  • Income-based job seekers allowance (JSA)
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
  • Income Support (IS)
  • Pension Credit Guarantee Credit
  • Pension Credit Savings Credit
  • Universal Credit (UC)
  • Working Tax Credit (WTC)

In short, no. The grant is not a loan but a government-backed scheme to provide financial assistance, you will not need to pay any of the grant back.

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